A true building games classic

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Your village, your castle, your building game

Your home is your castle, but what about a real castle? Who has never dreamed about owning his or her own castle, filled with noblemen, servants and knights catering to their every whish. Create your own castle in the world of the building games classic Tribal Wars.

Use your control over a medieval village to grow and thrive and to expand not only your fortress, but also your might. You will only have a small village to start with, but can guide it to become a major power with wise and stern economic and military leadership.
As one of the first ever browser building games, Tribal Wars still prevails with its rustic charm.

Building games resources are the source of its fun

In medieval times people had to really work hard for their living. Through mining, farming and clever use of the available natural resources, you and your citizens will be able to expand your properties fast and efficiently.

Upgrade your clay pit to get more resources per hour, the iron mines and timber camps must not be forgotten though. Balance your resource productions and make sure that there is enough room in the building games’ warehouse to store everything you bring in. The warehouse is very important for your endeavors and you have to add more space so you do not waste any of your precious resources.

Defend yourself, hide your resources

The medieval world was a harsh one. It regularly happened that villages were looted and pillaged. But the citizens were smart and started to hide their most valuable resources. Most building games let you keep your resources without the need to defend them, but Tribal Wars is different. If you want to expand, you must be capable to defend yourself.

If you build a hiding place, some of your resources will not be found by the attacking player and you can start to rebuild your forces and strike back. To get the most out of a good building game, you should also loot other players’ castles. The faster you are able to counterattack and go on marauding expeditions yourself, the faster you will be able to foster the biggest keep.

This is a true highlight among all building games – give it a shot

Rallying millions of players is a success on its own, but keeping these numbers for such a long time is a league few can claim to be in.

In Tribal Wars you can compete with millions of other tribe leaders, to see who has the best strategies, who is the best in building games. But for all of its strengths in the build-up, Tribal Wars is far from being only a building game. As the name indicates, Tribal Wars is also a tribes game. So forge alliances in a kings game and use your castle-building games skills in this extraordinary knights game.